Our Mission

FoundersPop is a Retail Operations Management Company. Our Mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the resources necessary to grow their business into one or multiple Bricks and Mortar Retail Storefronts. For some clients, this might be a great solution to take an Online Retail Store and test it in a Physical Store Location at a highly reduced cost and without all the headaches associated with Physical Stores. For others, it might be an option to try out a storefront in a location across town, across the state or across the country. Having the ability to test out physical locations at a highly reduced cost is exactly what smart, lean-driven entrepreneurs need in order to understand how their products will do in a Shopping Mall environment.


By choosing to work with FoundersPop, entrepreneurs are able to test the Bricks & Mortar landscape to identify whether their brand or company will do well in a Shopping Mall space without dealing with the entire cost and stress associated with renting a physical location.

We make it easy for companies to test the Brick and Mortar waters by managing the entire storefront, from beginning to end, and matching clients with other brands so that the overall cost and expense of the Retail Space is split 6 ways. This allows an Online Retailer to focus on their core competencies (online retail) and FoundersPop to focus on physical stores.

We handle the entire Bricks & Mortar service management process from beginning to end. The only thing you have to do is send us inventory, and enjoy the sales. Some of the things we do so that you don’t have to are as follows:

  • Lease Negotiation and Management

  • In Store Product Promotion

  • Retail Store Employee Hiring and Management

  • POS Hardware and Software

  • Labor and Local Law Compliance

  • Storefront Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

  • Insurance Management

  • Setup of Utilities, Phone, IT and Everything else necessary to manage a store

  • Local Brand Marketing



  • Maintain Focus

    We want you to focus on what you do best, online retail. By using FoundersPop, you won’t have to hire employees to manage the Physical Location (internal or storefront), you won’t have to deal with landlords or local ordinances, and you won’t have to worry about how operations are going. We’ve got your back and we manage the entire process, from start to finish.
  • Test the Waters

    Not every small business, especially online retailers, has the resources necessary to test out retail space in a high end Shopping Mall. By using FoundersPop, you can answer the question that has been irking you for quite some time now: how would my brand perform in a Shopping Mall where customers can touch and feel my product and get to know my brand?
  • Marketing

    In our opinion, the biggest benefit to using FoundersPop is the added exposure your brand will receive by being located in a High Foot Traffic Shopping Mall. Not only will your products have the opportunity to be seen by consumers that might never have known about your products or company, but the other brands you share your space with might also bring consumers into the store that were otherwise never interested in your products – but after having seen them in the store, now have the opportunity to touch, feel and learn more about your company. We also market your and your co-tenants’ businesses locally, using traditional and digital marketing techniques – now that your advertising dollars can go 6 times farther than they otherwise would if you were going it alone – just look at how many more consumers will hear and see information about your products!
  • Low Cost, Low Stress

    Let’s face it; opening up your own Retail Storefront is highly risky and exorbitantly expensive. According to Forbes, the average cost of opening up a Bricks & Mortar store in a Class A Shopping Mall is over $100,000. And much of that cost is borne right up front, before you ever make a dime. This means that many entrepreneurs have to take out loans or use large amounts of reserve cash to test the Bricks and Mortar space. That stress and cost are reduced a great deal when you use FoundersPop. We take the ball and run the entire operation, only needing your inventory and initial month’s fee, which of course is divided by 6. We are able to limit your overall exposure to 1 year, whereas many Shopping Malls require 5 to 10 year lease terms when you’re just starting out. No need to use large cash reserves, or to take out a loan. Just think of the monthly fees as advertising spend because that’s exactly what it is. We also manage the Landlord, Employees and Customers, something you undoubtedly do not have time to deal with given that you’re an Online Retailer, not a Bricks & Mortar Retailer – at least not yet. And as you find success in Physical Stores, you can scale the operation at your own pace; again, something that is highly stressful and expensive – unless you use the experts at FoundersPop to help you with that Scale!
  • Fast Scale into Other Locations

    Once you find success in having a Physical Storefront, you’ll want to try out more – trust us, it’s addictive! And you can scale at your own pace. Maybe you’d like to try another location in a Shopping Mall across town – or perhaps in another state. Or maybe you’d like to be in 20 locations. No matter how big you want to get, we can manage the entire scale process for you. Trust us – we want you to succeed – we’re a success-based company, so with your success, comes our success.


  • What types of locations does FoundersPop use?
  • We only use the best, Class AA and A Shopping Malls because they generally gross the most profitable returns and have a large enough number of retailers that it maximizes overall foot traffic. Class A Malls typically have at least one upscale, anchor department store and highly visited tenants, such as an Apple Store. They also usually have other entertainment options attached to the Mall, like cinemas.

  • How will I know how my products are performing? Will I receive performance updates?
  • You will receive weekly sales updates, which will be extracted directly from the POS system. In time, as we grow our systems, you will have the option to log into our website and/or use an app and see real time sales of your products – even across multiple locations! The system will also make it easier for you to manage inventory.

  • How will your POS system know the difference between a sale of one of my products versus one of my co-tenants’ products?
  • As part of the inbound shipping processes, the Store Manager and Staff will inspect each product and label it with a special label to ensure that the POS system identifies all sales of your products from all other products sold by co-tenants.

  • How is Inventory managed?
  • In the beginning, you will need to send us an ample amount of inventory to get things started on opening day. As sales progress, the Store Manager for your location will be in close contact to ensure products are kept in stock.

  • How will you market by business?
  • We market in so many ways.

    First and foremost, we advertise your company by having your brand and logo on the Shopping Mall store entrance sign as well as in the store windows. Imagine all the foot traffic that will now have the opportunity to get acquainted with your brand?

    We market your brand in store with multiple touch points and monitors and push your product (and answer questions about it) via our in-store clerks.

    We market your brand locally with your co-tenants using both traditional and digital marketing.

    We market your brand using in-store promotions, and once a consumer purchases one of your products in-store, we offer them an in-bag discount card so that they will return to your website once they get home to buy even more from your website.

    And what is the best thing about all of this marketing? It’s all split according to the amount of space you have agreed to use in the store.

  • What if a customer sees one of my products in the store, but would like a different option that might be available on our website?
  • All 6 sections of the storefront will include their own wide screen touch panel monitor that will be affixed with the logo of the brand represented in a particular section of the store. This will allow consumers to shop your online store directly from the monitor. How do we push consumers to use this feature? By offering in-store only coupons to be used directly from the touch panel. Our in-store clerks will be present to assist your customers with both their in-store and online shopping experience.

  • How does FoundersPop make money?
  • In return for managing the entire Brick and Mortar process for our clients, we make money in two ways. First, we take a small fee on the total cost of the space spread over a year – this is our Lease Management Fee. Second, we make a small percentage of sales – this is our Sales Fee.

  • What will be the hours of operation for the store?
  • In a shared space, the Store Manager will need to comply with the Shopping Mall hours.

  • Who hires the employees and deals with their taxes, reviews, training and other management issues?
  • The great thing about our system – these employees are never YOUR employees – they work for us! So, we hire, train and manage them within our network.

  • Who deals with all of the monthly expense payments for the store?
  • We do! We handle everything – you simply make one payment to us each month, and our team handles all the individual store payments – like utilities, phone, rent, POS fees, etc.


If you are interested in learning more about the FoundersPop opportunity and the Services we provide, please send us a message. Feel free to tell us as much as possible about your needs in the message box below. We look forward to supporting your Bricks and Mortar experience.